Using the NJMCDirect platform, individuals can conveniently pay their traffic tickets online, provided they follow each step accurately. However, it’s essential to be cautious, as more than 23% of users incur additional surcharge due to failing to pay tickets on time.

What is Www.NJMCDirect.Com?

Www.NJMCDirect.Com is an online platform designed for paying New Jersey municipal, parking, and traffic tickets. By visiting, users can conveniently pay for their traffic ticket payments during the website’s working hours, without having to visit the NJ Municipal Court office in person.

Pay NJ Ticket Online at NJMCDirect

Paying a traffic ticket in New Jersey can be easily done online via the NJMCDirect website. This is a convenient option that saves time and enables users to avoid visiting the municipal court in person. Follow the steps below for a smooth online payment process:

  1. Visit the NJMCDirect website.
  2. Locate and gather necessary information from your traffic ticket:
    • Court ID
    • Ticket Prefix
    • Ticket Number
    • License Plate Number
  3. Choose the “Traffic Ticket or Time Payment Order” option on the website
  4. Enter the required information (Court ID, Ticket Prefix, Ticket Number, and License Plate Number) in their respective fields
  5. Review your traffic ticket information for accuracy
  6. Proceed with the payment process by following the website’s instructions
  7. Keep a record of your payment confirmation for future reference

Keep in mind that traffic tickets usually appear on the NJMCDirect website between 1 to 4 days after they are issued. If a ticket is not available, try again later or contact the court for assistance.

By paying your NJ traffic ticket online through NJMCDirect, you can settle your fines in a timely and convenient manner. Ensure that you have the necessary ticket information and follow the outlined steps for a smooth payment process.

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Note: For individuals who believe they have received a ticket for a violation they did not commit, it is advised to challenge the ticket in county Municipal courts.

Type of TicketWebsite
Parking ViolationsNJMCDirect.Com
Speeding ViolationsNJMCDirect.Com
All Other Traffic ViolationsWww.NJMCDirect.Com

It is important to note that the working hours of the NJMC office and the payment working hours on the NJMCDirect website may differ. Ensure to check out the NJMCDirect payment hours before proceeding with your payment.

NJ Ticket Costs and License Points

Below is a list of common traffic violations in New Jersey, their approximate costs, and the associated license points. Keep in mind that the actual amounts may vary based on the specifics of each case.

Traffic ViolationCost (Approximate)License Points
Speeding (1-14 mph over limit)$85 – $1002
Speeding (15-29 mph over limit)$95 – $2004
Speeding (30 mph or more over limit)$200 – $4005
Failure to stop at a traffic light$85 – $1402
Improper turn at traffic light$85 – $1403
Tailgating$50 – $2005
Reckless driving$50 – $2005
Driving without a license$500Unlicensed driver: No points, but suspension
DUI/DWI (First Offense)$250-$400 plus additional costs and surchargesNo points, but suspension
Leaving scene of an accident (property damage)$200-$4002
Leaving scene of an accident (injury)$500-$1,0008

New Jersey has municipal courts in each county that handle traffic tickets, speeding citations, parking tickets, and other related offenses. The following is a list of all New Jersey counties with municipal courts:

  • Atlantic County
  • Bergen County
  • Burlington County
  • Camden County
  • Cape May County
  • Cumberland County
  • Essex County
  • Gloucester County
  • Hudson County
  • Hunterdon County
  • Mercer County
  • Middlesex County
  • Monmouth County
  • Morris County
  • Ocean County
  • Passaic County
  • Salem County
  • Somerset County
  • Sussex County
  • Union County
  • Warren County Working Hours

The NJMCDirect online portal is accessible for ticket payments during specific hours. The working hours for the platform are as follows:

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday4:30 AM11:15 PM
Tuesday4:30 AM11:15 PM
Wednesday4:30 AM11:15 PM
Thursday4:30 AM11:15 PM
Friday4:30 AM10:15 PM
Saturday4:30 AM3:15 PM
Sunday1:00 PM11:15 PM

Please keep these hours in mind when planning to access the NJMCDirect online portal for ticket payments and other services offered by New Jersey Municipal Courts.

NJMCDirect Contact Information

If you have any difficulties with the NJMCDirect portal, it is advised to contact the NJ Municipal court support. The customer care support number and judiciary online help desk number for NJMCDirect is 609-421-6100.

For those located in Newark, the municipal court address is:

Newark Municipal Court
31 Green Street
Newark, NJ 07102

For Jersey City, the contact information of the municipal court is as follows:

Court IDCall Centre NumberEmail Address
0906201-209-6700[email protected]

Should you need more information about a ticket or wish to dispute it, you can reach out to them via the provided email address.

In addition to the contact details, if you want to find information regarding NJMCDirect, ticket costs, license points, payment timings, or any benefits offered, visit the related sections.

Pay NJ Ticket Without a Ticket Number

Unfortunately, you cannot pay your NJ ticket without a ticket number. Your ticket number is required for identification and payment. If you’ve lost or misplaced your ticket, contact your local municipal court for assistance.

Parking Ticket Online Payment

Yes, you can pay your New Jersey parking ticket online. You can easily make your payment using NJMCdirect, the official New Jersey Municipal Court website for ticket payments.

Ticket Payment Methods

In New Jersey, you can pay your ticket in several ways:

  • Online: Through the NJMCdirect website
  • Mail: By mailing your payment to the specific court address
  • In-person: At the local municipal court handling your case

NJMCdirect Ticket Search

Yes, you can find your ticket information using the NJMCdirect ticket search feature. Visit the NJMCdirect Municipal Ticket Search page, and enter your ticket number, license plate number, and court ID. Once you submit the information, the website will display your ticket details.

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