Pay NJ Parking Ticket

Got a parking ticket in New Jersey and don’t know what to do?

You’re not alone.

NJMCDirect is an online portal that lets you easily find and settle NJ parking tickets. Whether you got the ticket in Jersey City, Newark, Montclair or another NJ town, paying it online is simple and quick.

If you prefer handling things in person, you can also go to the municipal court where you got the ticket. Make sure to have your ticket number; if you lost it, call the court directly.

Don’t stress about missing payment deadlines. With straightforward online options and clear instructions, you can pay for that parking ticket with just a few clicks.

Steps to Pay NJ Parking Ticket Online

Here’s a step-by-step guide to paying NJ parking tickets.

  1. Visit the NJMCdirect Website: Go to the https://NJMCdirect.Page web portal.
  2. The website offers two options: Traffic Tickets and Municipal Complaints. Choose Traffic Tickets.
  3. You will need your ticket details, which are on the parking ticket. These include the ticket prefix and number. Also, make sure to have your license plate number handy.
  4. The NJMCdirect site will guide you through each step. Follow the prompts to enter your details and proceed through the payment process.
  5. You can pay using a credit card or debit card. Enter your card details and confirm the payment.
  6. Once the payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation. Make sure to save or print this receipt for your records.

Following these steps, you can easily pay your NJ parking ticket online without visiting any office in person.

Parking Meter in New Jersey

Can I pay for a New Jersey parking ticket over the phone?

You can’t pay a New Jersey parking ticket over the phone. But you do have other options, they are:

  • In-Person: You can make payments at the municipal court in the city or town where you got the ticket.
  • Mail: You could send your payment via mail, following the instructions on the ticket.

Remember to have your ticket information handy, especially if you choose the online option.

What is the Official NJMCdirect Portal?

There are a lot of websites with similar names as NJMCdirect. But, Keep in mind that the official NJMCdirect website URL is and https://njmcdirect.Vip/

Lost My NJ Parking Ticket, How Can I Pay It?

Losing a parking ticket can be frustrating, but paying it is still possible.

First, gather any information you remember, such as where you got the ticket or your car’s license plate number.

Visit the NJ Ticket Lookup page. Here, you can use your license plate number to look up your ticket details.

If you can’t find it online, call the municipal court in the city or town where you received the ticket. If you provide some basic details, they can look it up with your license plate.

You can also find these details using NJ Municipal Court customer support;

  1. Phone Call:
    • Call the local municipal court where you got the ticket.
    • Provide information such as your license plate number or driver’s license number.
  2. Call the NJ Statewide Number:
    • Dial 609-421-6100 if you’re unsure which court to contact.

Once you locate your ticket, pay it online through NJMCdirect.

Losing a ticket isn’t the end of the world. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be able to pay off your parking fine smoothly.

What’s the deal if I skip paying a parking ticket in New Jersey?

Let’s talk about what happens if you ignore a parking ticket in New Jersey.

First, your ticket becomes more expensive. If you don’t pay, additional fines called surcharges will be added to your original ticket amount.

These extra costs can build up quickly, making resolving it more costly.

Next, you could get a letter from the court demanding payment. This letter will inform you of your unpaid ticket and instruct you to pay the fine or appear in court. Ignoring this letter is not a good idea.


  • License Suspension: New Jersey can suspend your driver’s license for unpaid parking tickets. This means you won’t be able to drive legally until you pay off your fines and have your license reinstated.
  • Warrants: If you have an out-of-state license, a warrant for your arrest could be issued. While this is more severe, it highlights the importance of dealing with parking tickets promptly.
  • Collection Agencies: The unpaid ticket may be sent to a collection agency. This can affect your credit score, making it harder to get loans or credit cards in the future.

How to avoid these issues:

  • Pay Parking Tickets on Time: The simplest way to avoid problems is to pay your parking tickets on time.
  • Contest the Ticket: If you believe the ticket was issued in error, you can contest it in court.

Not dealing with a parking ticket can have serious consequences, so take care immediately.

Paying your NJ parking ticket online is simple.

Use the NJMCdirect portal to search for your ticket. You’ll need your ticket number and license plate number. The portal lets you pay using a credit or debit card.

If you don’t have your ticket, you can call the municipal court where you got the ticket. They can help you find the details you need.

Payment hours vary. On weekdays, you can pay from early morning to late at night. Weekend hours differ, so check NJMCdirect for specifics.

You can handle your parking ticket without much hassle by following these steps.